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pre Feature 'Teasers' : Actor Josef Brown talks Neighbours, Spartacus, and smashing the 'wimpy vegetarian' stereotype

UPDATE:   This feature will get it's first airing on Radio Deeside Sunday June 8th  between :16:00 - 17:00  (UK time) it can be heard from anywhere in world via above link or simply click this link to LISTEN via TuneIn .  This will be a 'full feature' of music & chat with Josef.
Josef Brown aka Matt Turner in Neighbours
I recently had a whirlwind of interviews with some of the cast from popular TV 'soap' Neighbours . (In fact I have done so many various music/tv/film/theatre related interviews in the last month. I do a fair amount of interviews but not usually well over 30 in one month!  )

Josef Brown (aka Matt Turner) and I look at posters for Lassiters Hotel (Neighbours) on 'offer' there are massages and what we hope is vegetarian pasta . it's ok 'Lauren Turner' don't clobber me, it was purely professional interest ;-) 

A few minutes into my interview with Josef Brown he was called to the set, it happens, it's showbiz dahlinks.

Fortunately we were able to catch up the next week over a coffee (a 'Proppa' coffee at that ;-)     )

Josef is an actor, dancer and choreographer.     ( as well as being an efficient multi-tasker  managing to drink his coffee and untwist and untangle my ''curled up contorted chaotic '' as he put it,  earpieces''  all  whilst being interviewed - thank you Josef!  It 's definitely one to add to my Unique Interview Moments List right next to James Brown helping to towel dry my hair!)

As we  have a fair bit in common (including vegetarianism)   I was  especially looking forward to speaking with him as  I knew we would find plenty to talk about, and I was right about that! We spoke about  his role in Neighbours as policeman Matt TurnerAuctus in Spartacus - Gods Of The Arena,  his time as Johnny Castle in the stage production of  Dirty Dancing   and as Patrick in Dance Academy amongst other topics

Josef Brown .Simply stunning shot. Don't try this at home! 

in Dirty Dancing

''  I was a soloist with the Australian Ballet  before I left and went to Turkey, I came back and joined The Sydney Dance Company for seven years ''

'' I played Johnny in Dirty Dancing which was an absolutely fantastic role to do.  Which is why I stayed doing it for four and a half years .''  -Josef Brown  interview excerpts    (be sure to listen in to hear more)

Josef Brown as Patrick in Dance Academy

'' I couldn't believe it when I found out  the character's name was Patrick  after I'd just come off  four and a half years  playing Johnny Castle  (Dirty Dancing) who was played by Patrick Swayze ..''  - Josef Brown interview excerpts (be sure to listen in to hear more)

Josef Brown  as Matt Turner in Neighbours

''  I didn't start off as a dancer,  I started off as a guy wanting to become an actor, through the process of trying to become an actor I came in contact with dance and  I fell in love with dance.''

''  I love the role of Matt  (in Neighbours)  ' He can be a little bit of the cop at home as well   but he's having to learn to be a bit more emotionally   receptive and engaging at home ''  -Josef Brown  interview excerpts (be sure to listen in to hear more)

Then we got onto the subject of vegetarianism.  As someone who feels as passionately about animal rights issues as I do I really enjoy being able to speak with someone on the same 'wavelength' ! 

I found myself apologising  for posting photos (such as the one below)   on  my  Facebook pages with the caption  'And you thought vegetarians were wimps'   It wasn't intended in a sleazy way however it made me feel like I was being sleazy or sexist

 '' Well, we're trying to break stereotypes and clichés aren't we. Unfortunately when you are trying to fight propaganda , fighting such mass propaganda out there you tend to have to be  a little extreme sometimes to  sort of get through, to cut through. ''

 '' Veganism or vegetarianism is not going to stop you having a powerful body. So yeah sometimes we have to put out those photos just to sort of get rid of those myths  and clichés and dispel that propaganda''   - Josef Brown interview excerpts (be sure to listen in to hear more )

And you thought being vegetarian was for wimps? Josef Brown as Auctus in Spartacus-Gods Of The Arena

Josef also wrote and produced At The Fork a series of short films in which the teenage children in a family start to question their parents about factory farming and environmental issues . I think they are very easy to watch and well worth viewing 

 '' One of the problems that I had with a lot of the vegetarian/vegan propaganda  was it was very in your face .''

'' I think  there is always somewhere along the process that you need something a little bit more gentle,  you need to be seeded with the thought in a much more gentle way especially for children .  So our teenagers are very thoughtful and caring. They start asking questions of the parents. each episode is just one question and you see how the parents react.'  - Josef Brown interview excerpts (be sure to listen in to hear more!)

As I recorded enough with Josef for two radio features the first one is about his acting and dance career and partly about vegetarianism, the second one will be more focused on vegetarianism and animal rights issues . Both will feature some great music between interview segments so be sure to tune in!

The all important links:

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