Saturday, 7 June 2014

Sunday June 8 on Radio Deeside hear Josef Brown and Alan Fletcher from Neighbours'

(Yes yes I know,  there have been a fair amount of Neighbours related blog posts from me of late, but as I have recently done a pile of interviews with  various cast members, no surprise there!  )

Sunday June 8th tune in at 16:00 to hear  2 features in 1

 Josef Brown    aka 'Matt Turner' will be on at 16:00 (4pm) we'll be talking about Neighbours, Spartacus, Dirty Dancing and even vegetarianism . Full feature of great Aussie tracks and chat with Josef. (also see HERE )

Around 16:45 (4.45pm) catch me also grabbing a quick chat with Alan Fletcher (aka Dr Karl Kennedy) just before he goes onstage at Neighbours Night at  The Elephant & Wheelbarrow in St Kilda, Melbourne with his fab band Waiting Room (subscribe  for free to Fletch's  site /blog here for some special goodies! )

Tuning in to Radio Deeside is simple and can be heard from anywhere in globe or via Tune-In by clicking right here:

Happy listening!! 

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