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An Open Letter to Kendall Jones - the Hunter Who Has Become The Hunted

(update 27.6.16  - Since writing this 'open letter ' 2 years ago I am glad to see it is still getting widely read. Oddly enough it is  still the most popular post on my blog. I still get the pathetic mostly anonymous career wreck/rape/injury/death/ threats from p*ssed off hunters (hence every comment is screened now) and I am still filled with disgust by hunters.  May it long continue to p*ss off hunters while it spreads it's message. Kendall Jones is not the only one involved in these atrocities but she was the one who in her desperation for fame & attention managed to highlight that this vile activity belonged in dusty history books and NOT in modern times).  With hindsight would I have written it a bit differently? Possibly. Probably. I did not write it with the coolest nor calmest head at the time, nor in journalist mode but write it I did and by it I stand! - Marilyn Michaels )


To Kendall Jones

You may note I did not start off with the word 'dear' - for I do not wish to address you in an endearing manner

You will also note that I am one of the many people, who have paid a visit to your Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/officialkendalljones/ and left comments. Polite comments which were immediately deleted and blocked.

Does this look like respect for the dead?

So were  my comments praising you? No indeed they were not. They were letting you know what I think of you and your atrocities.

By the same token, were my comments threatening you? Were they abusive?  Were they calling you foul names? (etc etc etc) No indeed they were not. You see Kendall I do not condone abuse, threats of violence, swearing or name calling. No I do not condone these things at all,  yet nor can I understand what makes you such a sick and twisted person to want to go kill any animal, regardless of  if the animal is cute , beautiful  or not.  ALL  have a right to life and you do not have the right to take that life away. 

Thus I can fully understand why your actions have moved so many  people to threaten you, to wish ill upon you, to call you every rude name under the sun and then some!  For that, I am afraid you only have yourself to blame.

So  what has driven people to this anger and outrage? What has made the hunter become the hunted?

Could it possibly be down to the photos of a once beautiful and majestic lion that you stole the life from and then braggingly posted  upon that Facebook page? Could it possibly be down to the other pictures videos and comments where you brag  about your atrocities?

Here you are  again Kendall, demonstrating  arrogance contempt and lack of respect for the lion you murdered

and  look ,here you are again Kendall, actually having the nerve to stand
on this elephant , the life of which you stole.

 You said: '' First dangerous 7 game down!! One of the prettiest animals in all of the land! ''

I say: you think killing this once beautiful leopard is something to smile, smirk and laugh about Kendall?

Most children (and adults)  would  give anything to see a leopard in the wild just  to admire it,  but even as a child all Kendall Jones cared about was killing them

So Kendall, I get the feeling this is why people have commented on your Facebook page. The hunter has become the hunted. Thousands of messages  from shocked and angry people have  landed on your page and told you exactly what they think of you faster than you can block and ban them.

You thought you could silence some of them didn't you Kendall? 
 You thought wrong. You certainly have not silenced me have you Kendall, because you inspired me to write this piece. Every time I take a moment to peek at your Facebook page I see the flood of angry, bewildered and shocked comments aimed  your way, far more against you than for you. Does that not tell you something?

 Various Petitions against you are springing up left right and centre and thousands are signing them.  These petitions range from calls to have Facebook remove your page to calls for you to be banned from entering Africa.

Does that not tell you  something? If what you are doing is 'so right' to you, why are so many speaking up and speaking out against you?  You may feel you are just doing what you enjoy . You may feel there is nothing wrong in what you do and have a right to do it. Oddly enough the Nazis thought the same.

People said it was crazy when women wanted the vote -
People said it was crazy to  want an end  to slavery -
People said it was crazy to want to end Apartheid -
Crazy, radical, whatever you wish to call it Kendall  but  there will always be people like us and we will keep fighting against injustice, animal exploiters, hunters and hunting and we WILL win this war eventually
So you think those of us who are vegetarian, vegan,  anti-cruelty, anti-exploitation,anti-hunting etc  are crazy don't you Kendall.   You like to poke  fun on your page at those of us who have respect and compassion for our fellow planet dwellers. That is fine, you can think that if you wish, but perhaps next time you preen in front of the mirror  take a good long hard look at yourself  and see the truth of an ugly soul looking back at you.

Your vanity in it's sickening need to proudly pose next to a dead animal is highly unattractive. Your need to place your foot upon  the body of an animal is a concern. I suggest you get some therapy and soon.

                                 her teeth may be bleached  white  these days but her bloodlust remains the same
It seems to me you grew up sick and twisted Kendall. While most teen girls worried about boys  and had pop star crushes, you were busy  killing  wildlife  and thus crushing the life out of them

                                                       you are pictured here with your first rhino kill  Kendall. Disgusting!  

  You talk about conservation Kendall,  that is a big CON yes
The only reason hunters spout about conservation is because they want plenty of animals to kill!
Please don't try to kid us OR yourself that you give a damn about wildlife Kendall
People that give a damn don't go chasing around the world spending  thousands of dollars to kill
Those that give a damn simply donate money to protect the world's wildlife

Do not claim you want to help, help should never be offered with a price tag, especially if that price is the loss of a life.
And that reminds me Kendall, posting the picture below about how you were going to take these  things over for the poor children in Africa  may make you feel like Lady Bountiful  but I put it to you that the thousands of dollars you spend killing  just one lion or other wildlife is more money than the average African will see in a lifetime, or many lifetimes! It would probably build a school, or a hospital. If you really truly cared Kendall you would put your money to that, instead of trying to fool people that you are about conservation.  Kendall, you only care about blasting at some animal who has done nothing to you. You only care about getting your  self publicity and perhaps a TV show. ( If you do, we will be ready with our boycotts!!) .  Well you are getting that publicity now aren't you Kendall, albeit perhaps not the kind you would like! Mud sticks. As it should!

Dear Reader, thank you for taking the time  to read this. (May I ask that you please share this with likeminded friends? ) Thank you to those who take the time to leave a comment.

  If you are as angered as I am at the atrocious activities by Kendall Jones and other hunters like her, then please be pro-active and fuel that energy into something positive , It is easy to just type angry comments, but it does not change anything. Make your voice heard in a more positive way . Many of the trophy hunters come from the USA thus   please contact the Director of US Fish and Wildlife Service to  demand a ban on the import of 'trophys' into America  


 Have something to say? Feel free to comment below.  (threatening or abusive comments directed at anyone will not make it to the page, state your opinion by all means no matter which side you are on, but do so in an adult manner) )

You will also find me on my pro Facebook here       Join me  on Twitter here

I would also suggest reading this excellent piece here via Canned Lion Org who campaign against canned hunting.  Do please visit their website and read about the important work they do.

 PS: A  'go visit' plug for  great anti-hunting Facebook pages too  (run by ethical people not extremists  - I do not condone or support extremist behaviour)

 We Will Not Be Silenced About Hunters   https://www.facebook.com/WeWillNotBeSilencedAboutHunters

Hunt The Trophy Hunters

The Real Kendall Jones Exposed

  (c) Marilyn Michaels

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