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Wilko Johnson - New album 'Blow Your Mind' - live show at Manchester Academy May 12 2018

(photo: Richard Young Rex )

"Wilko may not be as famous as some other guitarists, but he's right up there. And there are a lot of people who'll say the same. I can hear Wilko in lots of places. It's some legacy." - Paul Weller

The original Dr Feelgood guitarist known for his incredible distinctive chopping guitar style.  Wilko had gone on to find further success with Ian Dury & The Blockheads and after teaming up with Roger Daltrey on 2014’s Going Back Home.  An album of the year it featured reworkings of songs from Wilko’s Dr Feelgood days such as ‘All Through The City’ and ‘Going Back Home’.

 In Sept 2017, Wilko celebrated his 70th birthday by playing a sold-out show at the world famous Albert Hall in London.

I’m supposed to be dead!’  - In 2012  Wilko was diagnosed with terminal pancreatic cancer. Despite the doctors’ worst predictions, he continued to perform.  In 2013, Wilko announced that thanks to a second opinion and subsequent life-saving surgery, he was cancer-free.

Recently  Wilko  & I braved telephone technical traumas* to have a chat about his forthcoming new album Blow Your Mind (out June 15th) and his May tour (with Hugh Cornwell and a host of others as special guests ) (*Ok, suffice to say HE braved it, I got rather flustered and ended up nervous, as there is nothing worse when trying to do an interview by phone, and there are problems with said phone! Upside to that was I got an impromptu lesson in breathing exercises, so can add that next to getting my rain-soaked hair towel dried by James Brown & his bodyguards at Glastonbury, filed under Weirdly Wonderful Interview Moments ;-) )

This interview aired on Radio Deeside May 7th 2018 and variations of it will be airing on a couple of other radio stations, a full transcript is forthcoming but for now, enjoy a taster below :

MM:   You're about to embark on a tour in May, this tour is obviously to promote your new album: Blow Your Mind, are you looking forward to the tour? 
WJ:  I just really like playing you know. I'm just really glad to be out doing gigs. We've just done a tour of Finland, we were putting in the new songs from the new album and going very good, yeah that's what it's about for me. Finland, now there's a place, I like it there, very very mysterious.
 MM: This album (Blow Your Mind) is the first one in thirty years?
WJ:   (starts laughing) You see that's what they're saying after roughly asking me how many records, I mean I haven't made many records right, and I think I forgot 2 or 3, (laughs) so they worked out it's been 30 years but maybe it just feels that way!

'We did it in November, in 2 weeks, using more or less the same  kind of set up that we used for the Roger Daltrey album, and yeah we just bashed it out in 2 weeks, it takes so long for them to actually make it into a record,but I;m very very pleased with it'' - Wilko Johnson on 'Blow Your Mind'  
MM: You mention the Roger Daltrey record, that was 'Going Back Home', that was 2014, what was that like to work on? 
WJ:  That whole album is really strange to me you know, because I was expecting to die of cancer, they told me I had 10 months, I think it was in  the 11th month, Roger got in touch with me and said 'let's do this album' so we just went and did it. I never even thought I would see it released, then, in fact, it was enormously successful, most of which I missed because by then I'd had my operation and  I was lying in hospital in a stupour, so I kind of missed it all so that whole album is kind of strange, good though!

WJ:  I remember arriving at  Heathrow airport from somewhere or other  and we were just driving out of the airport and there was these huge hoardings for the new HBO series, and there was one for Game Of Thrones:  a big picture of Sean Bean's face , and then looming in the background is my glorious self (laughs)   - Wilko Johnson on Game Of Thrones

Catch Wilko Johnson and special guests at Manchester Academy Saturday May 12. 

with special guests
MANCHESTER – Academy 1 on Saturday 12th May 2018!

R&B legend Wilko Johnson plays Manchester – Academy 1 on Saturday 12th May with special guests Hugh Cornwell & Band, Mike Sweeney & The Salford Jets and Mollie Marriott and more tbc.

Wilko Johnson Links:

Website  Twitter @WilkoJohnson  Facebook


Hugh Cornwell is one of the UK's finest songwriting talents and accomplished live performers. As the original guitarist, singer and main songwriter in the British rock band The Stranglers, he's enjoyed massive success with 10 hit albums and 21 Top Forty singles, etching himself into Europe and the USA's musical psyche with classic songs, including Peaches, No More Heroes, Golden Brown, Nice N’ Sleazy, Always the Sun and Duchess.

This electric band performance will feature songs spanning his career from early Stranglers to the current day.


Classic old skool post punk rock whose single 'Who You Looking At' was global hit across the whole of Manchester in the 1980s as well as breaking the band in the national charts.  The band reformed in 2003, still fronted by the mighty Mike Sweeney - vocals, guitar and former Piccadilly Radio DJ (now broadcasting on BBC Radio Manchester), and Diccon Hubbard on bass and vocals.


Having supported and backed some of the best rock stars in the industry including Robert Plant, The Faces, Mark Knopfler and Paul Weller, Mollie  is set to take the industry by storm with her debut album Truth Is A Wolf later this year.

Tickets available from:

MANCHESTER – Academy 1
Box Office No – 0161 832 1111
Doors – 4.30pm  /  On-Stage from 5.00pm
Tickets - £25.00 advanc

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RHYTHM OF THE 90’s - Live at Manchester Club Academy Saturday May 5 2018

Warning: By the end of this post you may have the words and beats  ' No no, no no no no, no no no no, no no there's no limit'  going around your head, and if that excites you and makes you jump up to dust off your clubbing gear and dance shoes then you will be very  happy to know  you have the chance on May 5 in MANCHESTER to re-live and go back to the 90’s clubbing scene - RHYTHM OF THE 90’s are here with a Spring 2018 - UK Tour, to relive the dream,  so get down to Manchester – Club Academy on Saturday 5th May.

Since their inception in 2012, Rhythm of the 90’s have become THE band to get any party started!

Armed with only 2 simple ideas, to bring the best dance hits from this seminal decade back to the masses - and to perform them FULLY LIVE! This 7 piece band have found themselves in the eye of the 90’s nostalgia whirlwind and have taken the UK by storm with sold out show after show across the country, reaching crowds sizes of 20,000 people all bouncing along to all their favourite 90’s hits.

With highly acclaimed performances at Glastonbury, Isle of Wight and Latitude festivals and main stage slots at Love Saves the Day, Mutiny and Victorious Festival the popularity of the band just keeps on growing. It’s only a matter of time before they have the whole of Europe dancing, wearing dungarees and dusting off something called shell suits.

To quote the revered 90’s philosophers 2 Unlimited “There’s No Limit” and Rhythm of the 90 ’s fully intend to prove it.

If you remember when rhythm was a dancer and groove was in the heart,  (or  like me, a  fairly new convert to that 90s sound )  then I am sure you will love this show.

Tickets for the MANCHESTER – Club Academy show are available from:

 MANCHESTER – Club Academy   
Box Office No:  0161 832 1111

Website –

Doors – 7.30pm      Ticket price - £15.00

Website –

Facebook –

Twitter –

You Tube -

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Former Big Country Bassist Tony Butler Releases Long Awaited Debut Solo Album! 'My Time'

On 1st June 2018, former Big Country bassist Tony Butler will release his debut solo album ‘My Time’ on Phoenix Rising Records.

Butler’s debut album arrives after 40 years working in the music industry, having worked with the  likes of Pete Townshend, Chrissie Hynde, Ray Davies, Steve Lillywhite, Roger Daltrey, Nils Lofgren and Siouxsie Sioux, before becoming a founding member of Big Country, who would go on to sell over 10 million records.

While Butler sings and plays electric, acoustic and bass guitars throughout the album, ‘My Time’ includes contributions from Big Country drummer Mark Brzezicki, who plays on four of the album’s eleven tracks (‘She’s Coming Home’, ‘Scared to the Bone’, ‘My Big Ferrari Heart’ and ‘I’m Getting Old’) and Big Country’s long-time touring keyboard player Josh Phillips (‘I’m Getting Old’).

After years of working with some of the finest songwriters, musicians, producers and, of course, Big Country, I feel that this time is ‘My Time’ to put myself out there; apprenticeship well and truly served.-Tony Butler

After Big Country singer Stuart Adamson’s untimely passing in December 2001, Butler harboured a deep desire not to be involved in the music business, so ruled out all opportunities to become part of any ‘supergroups’. Instead, Butler became a music lecturer at a college in Devon.

Despite his initial reluctance, Big Country reformed in 2010 with The Alarm’s Mike Peters’ on vocal duties and embarked on two sell-out UK tours.

However, while the tours were hugely successful, Butler was unhappy with the new material the new line-up had begun to write, amongst other things, so made the difficult decision to leave the group in August 2012 - which led Butler to the proverbial crossroads of his life.

In the summer of 2013, Tony started to enjoy writing again and set about the task of writing his debut solo album with renewed vigour. He also began writing a book charting the demise (from his viewpoint) of the post-Adamson line-up of Big Country, called ‘Then Came the Great Divide’.

Being managed once again by former Big Country manager Ian Grant gave Butler the confidence to see the project through. Butler said, “After mixing and mastering the album I presented it to Ian, which would be the real acid test. Fortunately, he really liked it and, all of a sudden, the project would be real.”

I felt I had finally earned the right to take a central role for the first time, to be able to put together a musical project that is essentially about my life, loves and tragedies is something that I have owed myself for a long time.” -Tony Butler

Tony started recording the backing tracks for the album while he was still teaching, and it was here that he really started to conceptualise the basic premise of the album. “I then went onto recording everything else at my new studio,” says Butler.I commandeered one of the rooms in my partner’s house, where I spent a very enjoyable period completing the album. I was able to spend a lot more time working on the lyrics, as by this time I had ended my employment at the college.

The lyrical aspect developed a personal flavour, but not so personal that other people would be unable to relate to it themselves. “I was writing about people I knew and loved, so the words were a labour of love to write,” Butler says. “Stuart Adamson is very much remembered in this album, for nothing more than being an inspiration. Big Country had a unique sound, attitude and understanding in terms of people. Each part made the whole, but with this album, I am keen for people to understand my contribution to the band’s creativity; what I contributed, what I developed, and what I learned. This is ‘My Time’ and I’m really happy.

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Terry Reid To Play Live Date in LONDON at Nell’s Jazz & Blues 26th April 2018

Terry Reid -    who is one of the greatest rock vocalists this country has ever produced - has confirmed a live show at Nell’s Jazz & Blues in London on Thursday, 26th April 2018.

 Reid will be joined on stage by Neil Hubbard on guitar, Jennifer Maidman on bass guitar and Ash Soan on drums, performing songs from across his five decade-long career; from albums such as Bang, Bang You're Terry Reid (1968), Terry Reid (1969), River (1973), Seed of Memory (1976) and Rogue Waves (1979) all the way through to some of the new songs Reid co-wrote and sang on for Aerosmith guitarist Joe Perry’s latest solo LP ‘Sweetzerland Manifesto’.

 Looking ahead to the show, Reid said, “It’s the first time I’ve had the opportunity to play with my great band at Nell’s Jazz & Blues, so I’m really looking forward it. It’s going to be a lot of fun and I can’t wait to catch up with friends both old and new. Come on down and we’ll see you there!

Opening the show will be Reid’s special guest Jon Allen, the highly acclaimed sing-songwriter who releases his new album ‘Blue Flame’ on May 18th 2018 on Monologue Records.

Tickets are available from:

Terry Reid (photo: Jaxpics)

 Terry Reid has a remarkable history. Affectionately known as ‘Superlungs’, the in-demand Reid famously turned down Jimmy Page’s offer to become the front man for the band that would become Led Zeppelin, instead recommending and introducing Page to his friends Robert Plant and John Bonham. Due to contractual obligations, Reid also turned down a similar offer to front Deep Purple after being courted by the band’s guitarist Ritchie Blackmore.

And when Aretha Franklin cites you as England’s finest alongside The Beatles and The Rolling Stones, as the Queen of Soul did in 1968, you know you must be doing something right.

 Reid’s credentials were further consolidated on two world tours with The Rolling Stones, U.S. tours with Cream and U.K. tours with Jethro Tull and Fleetwood Mac. Reid also performed at The Isle of Wight Festival in 1969 and the inaugural Glastonbury Festival in 1970, and also performing as part of an all-star jam at Mick and Bianca Jagger’s infamous wedding reception in San Tropez in 1971.

But that’s not all. Reid’s story includes numerous collaborations with Graham Nash, his songs being covered by the likes of The Hollies, Marianne Faithfull, The Raconteurs and a back catalogue of six studio albums - including the seminal 1973 album ‘The River’ and the 1976 Graham Nash produced album ‘Seed of Memory’.

Following a return to the Glastonbury Festival in 2009, Reid played a three night residency at Ronnie Scott’s in London - one of only a handful of non-Jazz artists invited to help mark the legendary venue’s 50th Anniversary. Reid played to packed houses, critical acclaim, and returned in 2010 and 2011 to sell out three consecutive nights.

 In May 2011, Reid toured Ireland for the first time in 30 years and released a new live album ‘Live In London’, which included several previously unreleased tracks. Uncut Magazine then presented a show featuring Reid at The Jazz CafĂ© and he toured England before returning to Glastonbury once more, headlining the Spirit of ‘71 stage.

In 2012, Rumer introduced Reid to a new generation when she featured his song ‘Brave Awakening’ on her 2012 album ‘Boys Don’t Cry’ (which entered the UK Album Chart at No3), before Reid returned to perform at the Isle of Wight Festival for the first time since 1971. Later that year, DJ Shadow invited Reid to write the lyrics to a new track for his forthcoming ‘Reconstructed’ album, which became the song ‘Listen’. The song’s official video has since been played on YouTube over 500,000 times.

 For further information go to:

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20th Century Boy - hit musical back to mark 40th anniversary of Marc Bolan's death

The hit musical inspired by the life of rock legend Marc Bolan, 20th Century Boy, returned to the stage in March on a UK-wide tour to mark the 40th anniversary of the iconic star’s untimely death.   It opened on 8th March at G-Live in Guildford. The production will enjoy a 20-week tour, visiting 27 theatres through to Saturday 30 June.

 20th Century Boy tells the life story of the legendary Bolan and his band T.Rex, exposing some of the myths and taking the audience on a tearful yet feel-good journey through Marc’s fascinating life which was cut short by a cruel twist of fate.

At his peak, Bolan was arguably the biggest rock star the UK had ever seen. Rocker, poet, electric warrior, king of glam and godfather of punk – Marc Bolan became a superstar and the press dubbed him “Bigger than the Beatles”. Before his tragic death in 1977, a few days short of his 30th birthday, Bolan lived life at breakneck speed, creating a series of iconic images, a string of number one hits and an army of obsessive fans. 20th Century Boy is a glorious celebration of glam rock at its colourful best!

 Showcasing some of the greatest rock songs ever written, 20th Century Boy features many of Marc Bolan and T.Rex’s best-known iconic hits, including Ride a White Swan, Metal Guru, I Love to Boogie, 20th Century Boy and many more of their 70s classics. 
Following critical acclaim for his previous portrayal of Marc Bolan in the show’s highly successful runs, Olivier Award winning West End star George Maguire  returns to lead the cast of 20th Century Boy.

 The producers have said: “We are delighted to welcome George Maguire back to the role of Marc. George has been involved with the show from the early workshop stages and has an incredibly close connection with the material.”

 Featuring a new script by Nicky Graham and Colin Giffin, the production is directed by John Maher, and features more than 20 classic Bolan hits.  20th Century Boy is produced by GreatBrit Productions in association with Bolanic Productions.

 “A visual, aural and multimedia feast!” – The Stage

“A rip-rollicking rock and roll ride” – Manchester Evening News 

Catch the rest of the  run here:

17th – 21st April MANCHESTER - Opera House

23rd - 25th April PORTSMOUTH – Kings Theatre

26th – 28th April READING - The Hexagon

1st – 5th May BRADFORD - Alhambra Theatre

9th – 12th May KINGSTON – Rose Theatre

14th – 16th May CRAWLEY - The Hawth

17th - 20th May ST ALBANS – Alban Arena

22nd – 26th May NOTTINGHAM - Theatre Royal

28th – 30th May PRESTON - Charter Theatre

31st May LINCOLN - New Theatre Royal

4th – 6th June GLASGOW - King’s Theatre

7th – 9th June CARLISLE – Sands Theatre

11th – 13th June DARTFORD - Orchard Theatre

14th – 16th June LLANDUDNO - Venue Cymru

21st – 23rd June HIGH WYCOMBE - Wycombe Swan

26th – 27th June YORK - York Barbican

28th – 30th June CHELMSFORD – Civic Theatre

For more information on 20TH CENTURY BOY - THE MUSICAL, check out the following website / social media links:

 Website –

 Facebook –

Twitter –

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THE SOUTH (featuring members of The Beautiful South) April 2018 tour dates

When that great British pop institution, The Beautiful South split in 2007, some members of the band didn’t feel ready to hang up their microphones or instruments just yet… 

The South feature former members of The Beautiful South including singer Alison Wheeler and lifelong sax player Gaz Birtles.  Since original singer,  Dave Hemingway, left the group at the end of 2016, Gaz has now moved across to vocal duties. They play the songs made famous by The Beautiful South and bring back the full flavour and excitement with the nine piece live band.

With the new reshuffle complete, The South are a full team again and raring to go!  Their live show promises to continue to celebrate and perform the classic Beautiful South songs -  A Little Time (the number one single), Perfect 10, Rotterdam, Old Red Eyes Is Back, Good as Gold, Don't Marry Her.  All performed again live, these songs, and many more, span an impressive 20 year career starting way back in 1989!

Come on!  Let’s Carry On… Regardless!

For more information on THE SOUTH, please visit the following websites / social media links below:




You Tube Channel -

               THE SOUTH – Spring 2018 UK Tour Dates :

Fri April 6  2018 - MANCHESTERClub Academy 
 Box Office No:  0161 832  1111
Click here for tickets for The South - Manchester show 
Sat  7th April    WREXHAM – William Aston Hall  
 Box Office No: 0844 888 9991 
Click here for tickets for The South Wrexham show

Sun 8th April              PRESTON Charter Theatre 
 Box Office No:  01772 804444
Click here for tickets for The South - Preston show

Thurs 12th April          BUXTON – Opera House  
 Box Office No: 01298 72190
Click here for tickets for The South - Buxton show

Fri 13th April              POCKLINGTON – Arts Centre
Box Office No:  01759 301547
Click here for tickets for The South - Pocklington show

Sat 14th April             NORWICH – Waterfront 
 Box Office No:  01603 508050
Click here for tickets to The South - Norwich show

Sun 15th April             WAKEFIELD – Warehouse 23 
 Box Office No:  01924 200162
Click here for tickets to the South - Wakefield show

Wed 18th April           CARDIFF – The Globe   
 Box Office No:   0871 220 0260
Click here for tickets for The South - Cardiff show

Thurs 19th April               BARNSTAPLE – Queen’s Theatre     
Box Office No: 01271 316063
Click here for tickets to the South - Barnstaple show

Fri 20th April                   WESTON- SUPER-MARE – Playhouse     
 Box Office No: 01934 645544
Click here for tickets for The South - Weston-Super-Mare show

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SAXON are heading to MANCHESTER Nov 2 with some very special guests!

SAXON play Manchester – Ritz with special guests FASTWAY & GIRLSCHOOL on Wednesday 2nd November 2016

NWOBHM icons Saxon have announced 10 dates for the UK leg of their upcoming Battering Ram World Tour. They will be joined by  special guests Fastway and Girlschool for the much awaited shows, opening in Newcastle on 28th October. (all UK dates shown further below)

"Gonna be a great tour with Fastway and Girlschool” - said frontman Biff Byford. “I think this line up is unique, you don't wanna miss it.  Looking forward to battering some halls… Welcome to the metal church!

Battering Ram, Saxon’s 21st studio album, was released in October 2015 reaching the UK Top 50 and #12 in Germany. It was described by frontman Biff Byford as “a natural progression from Sacrifice” with “a bit less rock’n’roll and a bit more ‘heavy’ on it”. Following its release Saxon hit Europe with Motorhead for their 40th Anniversary tour, accompanied by Girlschool. 

Sadly, the tragic passing of Lemmy in December put an early end to the tour, and the UK leg planned to begin on January 16th was cancelled - bar a Saxon headlining show in Brighton.

Joining Saxon and Girlschool on the new dates will be Fastway, the brainchild of ex-Motorhead guitarist Fast Eddie Clarke with UFO bassist Pete Way.  The current line up features Fast Eddie Clarke with Toby Jepson (Gun/Little Angels) on vocals, Steve Strange on drums and Mama’s Boys’ John McManus on bass.  More info on

Saxon released their self-titled debut in 1979, followed by “Wheels of Steel” the following year, which reached #5 in the UK charts and gave fans two classics in the title track and “747”. They established themselves as one of the iconsof the New Wave Of British Heavy Metal throughout the 80s. Later the band tried to attack the US market taking a more melodic direction with release of “Destiny” in 1988, before going back to their original sound with 1991’s “Solid Balls of Rock” , reaffirming their influence on the European metal scene. They continued touring and recording enjoying renewed success and released their current album Battering Ram in 2015.   They also recently released a 9 Vinyl album box set Eagles and Dragons containing the bands nine studio albums recorded between 1991 and 2009.

Saxon saw album sales topping 15 million worldwide including 8 UK Top 40 albums across their career. They are considered a seminal NWOBHM act and are known to have inspired the likes of Metallica, Megadeth, Pantera, Motley Crue and plenty more.

Wednesday 2nd November              
Box Office No: 0161 714 4140
Tickets are available from the following website –
Tickets - £26.00 Advance
Doors – 6.30pm

On 28.10.16UK - NewcastleAcademy
On 29.10.16UK - GlasgowABC
On 30.10.16UK - BelfastLimelightBuy Ticket
On 01.11.16IE - DublinAcademyBuy Ticket
On 02.11.16UK - ManchesterO2 RitzBuy Ticket
On 03.11.16UK - BristolO2 AcademyBuy Ticket
On 05.11.16UK - LondonO2 Shepherd´s Bush EmpireBuy Ticket
On 06.11.16UK - WolverhamptonWulfrun HallBuy Ticket
On 08.11.16UK - SheffieldO2 AcademyBuy Ticket
On 09.11.16UK - NottinghamRock CityBuy Ticket

For further information on SAXON, check out the following websites / social media links:

Website –

Facebook –

Twitter –  - ‘Battering Ram’ Official Video

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