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Tommy Rando - Discover his brilliant sound

There are plenty of delicious calorie-filled creations to enjoy in Australia. One of them happens to be Tim Tams


However for those who like their melting pleasure moments  on their ears* as opposed to on the hips there is Tommy Rando

                                                         Tommy Rando

The first thing that captures your ear's attention is the  tone of his voice, it is unique, warm, husky, sometimes even a gravelly texture, then there are those impressive guitar skills.

 His resume/CV is impressive, he has played with some of Australia's finest bands including Boom Crash Opera  and has written songs for Vanessa Amorosi,  as well as for Australian Idol artists Anthony Callea, amongst many more.

 With his growing catalogue of songs, Tommy Rando has his tunes playing regularly on film and television. You will have even have heard some of them on Neighbours

Speaking of which, Tommy is part of Neighbours' star Alan Fletcher ( aka Dr Karl Kennedy) 's popular band Waiting Room ,  ( 'Fletch' ,Tommy,  Chris Hawker and New York's Jeff Consi  (who has also drummed for Nuno Bettencourt amongst many other greats! )

                                                       visit the Waiting Room HERE  (and say hello to the 'good doctor' too)

 Tommy also co-wrote the ballad I Will for pop sensation Oryon (featured on the popular hit TV show "The O.C.") which became a runaway hit on the American Billboard Top 40 as well as co-writing  the number one Australian hit 'WASABI' for Lee Harding (debuting at #1 in the Australian ARIA Singles Charts in December 2005 )

                   a real treat live!


In 2010 Tommy Rando released his EP 'Signature', you should also check out his album Winter Sky . Both releases have captured my ears attention and has me well and truly hooked. Reviews to follow.

'Neighbours' stars Stefan Dennis (Paul Robinson)  & Alan Fletcher (Dr Karl Kennedy) on the red carpet for the launch of Tommy Rando's  EP  'Signature'
Tommy Rando Band 'So Predictable' (From album 'Winter Sky' on TV's 'Good Morning Australia' (spot Jeff Consi on the drums! Along with Kit Riley (bass) Mark Amato (keys) & Chris Hawker (guitar)

                                                           Tommy with band

                                                          Herald Sun press cutting

from 'SignatureEP  - I fell in love with this track the moment I first heard it .
Do yourself a favour, check him out, your ears will certainly thank you.

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* Personally I enjoy both!! :-)

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