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Neighbours Naughty Nutcracker Naomi aka Morgana O'Reilly ( & she's to appear at the Edinburgh Fringe Fest )

Right now I am meant to be cosily tucked up in bed having that elusive early night that keeps evading and escaping me but insomnia & ideas were biting like font fleas .

So I decided to write a post instead. (as you do)

Monday May 12th saw me take a trip down memory lane to a place I had been many many manyyyy years ago, but that is another story  but basically I was at a certain TV studio to interview various members of the cast from hit TV show  Neighbours*.

The adrenaline was  a-pumping through this Radio Girl 's veins from the moment I arrived. Having not seen the show in a while due to hectic gypsyish lifestyle of late , ( nor wanting to  spoil it for myself when I finally get to watch/catch up on some recorded episodes)  I was not totally sure of where things were currently  at, although knew some pointers ( cue SouthPark style v/oOMG! They killed 'Kate' !!! )

I said above that the adrenaline was a-pumping, what I should say was that during my interview with New Zealand's  Morgana O'Reilly, it started to pump that adrenaline at 3 times the normal rate. This lady was  f-u-n   fun  fun funnnnn !!

Now  at the time of our interview I had not yet seen Morgana acting in Neighbours , or in any thing for that matter, so despite having been emailed a bio, I knew it was going be one of those wing-it-adlib-it & improvise-it style interviews.   (which I love ! )

So  Morgana plays Naomi Canning,  (the daughter of  'Sheila Canning'  as played by Colette Mann (both pictured above) and what a fiesty firecracker she looks to be!!  (like mother like daughter I reckon! ) It will be interesting to watch how it all develops, a new character means new adventures for sure!

                  Meowwwwwww ! Naomi Canning (Morgana O'Reilly) in a catfight! Some women will go to any extreme to   get a lift from  cop Matt Turner (Josef Brown) eh?!

We had a really fun interview, totally bouncing off each other and bantering  like crazy, (my word she'd be brilliant to do a show with live on-air ) and I laughed my butt off in  the cab home afterwards while listening back to it.

'' I have so much fun on this show, I spend most of my days laughing. ''   -Morgana O'Reilly

 '' Naomi is a uhhh very interesting chick, I dunno, I think we'd be friends,  I think we'd have a good time  but sometimes I'd just  wanna slap her  and be like ''Girl you can't do things like that , you can't go about life like that !'' so it's wonderful as an actor to try and justify why people do what they do''  - Morgana O'Reilly on her character Naomi Canning

I'm not going to reveal much more as I cannot wait for you to hear it ( now with me working with two stations I should let you know that the series of Neighbours cast interviews will  be airing on the Radio Deeside one at some point soon, so I will keep you posted about  dates and times ) We spoke about Neighbours and about how Morgana has been known to  pop up in  people's living rooms (and not just via a tv set) and various other things including  her  appearances happening later this year at  Edinburgh's famous Fringe Festival

Doing some research I found this:

' THE HEIGHT OF THE EIFFEL TOWER is an intimate epic created by actress Morgana O'Reilly and director Abigail Greenwood. First performed at The Basement in 2009, this little show that could went on to celebrate success the following year at the New York Fringe Festival.
To fundraise for the New York season, Morgana and Abigail reframed the show as a popup event which could be performed in domestic spaces. This now infamous "living room" tour has seen Morgana and Abigail travel the globe, racking up quite a few pins on the map: Auckland, Wellington, London, Paris, Amsterdam, Nevada, Los Angeles, Sydney and Melbourne
Via 'shape-shifting solo performance', Morgana plays all of the members of a nuclear family, over the course of one side-splitting, torturous lunch,  But it's not all just laughs and giggles. At its heart is a woman, who perhaps, just perhaps, is ready to become the person she always intended to be. It's heartfelt. It's hilarious. And it's uniquely Kiwi.

"Goofy, funny and poignant. It's perfect."

So there you have it -  BUT flights cost £, digs cost £, food costs £ etc etc so to find out more about it and to help Morgana on her Edinburgh Fringe Fest quest  click here ------> yes just  HERE   You will find a page for it on Facebook too .If you are going to see  her at the festival try your hand at saying 'Kia ora tena koe ' (hi how are you )


 Owchhh what's going on here then?  She's cheeky ,  vibrant ,funny as heck and  she'll definitely grab Edinburgh by the uhhh  'spheres'. *Note this video contains some swearies !

Since recording the interview I've seen a few episodes (guess who couldn't resist) and loved what a cracker of a character 'Naomi Canning seems to be.

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*My thanks to Kelly Davis


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