Wednesday, 10 August 2016

If Students Are The Future Why This Shocking Wastage ?

A concerned resident of a university city recently took to  social media to reveal shocking evidence of student wastage and  to voice  understandable disgust about it. .

 Shocking photo after photo showed  what many  students simply left behind and  dumped as they left  university. They threw it out  knowing it would be  destined for landfill.

  It included  clothing, bedding, kitchen goods, appliances, electronic equipment and non-perishable food,  It is terrible to imagine this all wasted  while many go without.

Just one of the many images of shocking waste
With so many people having to use 'food-banks' , and so many people  struggling to afford clothes and home essentials, it stuns me that people could be so wasteful, and I wonder if this is the scene at   other colleges and universities too.

One would hope students, would know better than to be so wasteful when leaving  student accommodation. Knowing that this is just a fraction of the stuff that these students threw away without thought, leaves a bad taste in my mouth too. What was the scene at other universities I wonder?

With so many in need, these items could  be and should be put to good use and given to people in need of them , this  waste cannot be allowed to go on.

 The university , whilst not responsible for what their students throw away, should set a responsible example and get pro-active. So many new incoming new students could surely make use of these goods and clothes, as could many people  who are struggling to get by.

Perhaps  much of the clothes and bedding could be sent to refugee camps or homeless shelters? Heaven knows those unfortunate people certainly could do with some help.

I came across a fantastic blog from America, which addresses the issue  and explains about campus collection and redistribution programs that divert goods away from the landfill and into the hands of people who can use them. You can read it by clicking here

Wouldn't it be wonderful if  campuses around the world  did this?

In the meantime, please think about what you throw out,  we have drained so much of the Earth's resources as it is,  this throw-away society mentality  is a crying shame.

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