Monday, 8 December 2014

Alan Fletcher - Neighbours Dr Karl Kennedy brings his warmth to the UK - AND a Christmas single!

Working with two stations allows me to wear a few different hats.
Whilst my  Classic Rock Radio rock hat is firmly fixed in place over
 the blonde mane, I do enjoy interviewing and getting to know a number of people from all sides of the 'entertainment biz'

I've met and interviewed 'Neighbours' actor Alan Fletcher (or Fletch as he
 likes to be called) a number of times, and even gone to watch some
 shows with him,  a very pleasant time indeed.

I recently spoke with him again for Radio Deeside  which aired on
 Sunday December 7. I'll be popping a transcript of that interview up on the blog at some point soon.

We spoke about his 20 years in Neighbours, his forthcoming panto role as the Sheriff Of Nottingham
in Dunstable  ( it runs from December 12 - January 4 ) and his
brilliant Christmas single 'If You Want A Happy Christmas'

I have no shame in admitting I love the song to bits, and it always makes me smile.

You can send a Christmas Card from Alan Fletcher (Dr Karl) to a friend or family member. The Perfect gift for any Neighbour’s fan and it Includes Alan’s  Christmas single (with the gorgeous Pacific Belles ) '' If You Want a Happy Christmas” 

It makes a perfect pressie and Fletch  is busy getting RSI as he is signing so many cards!  Pop along here to see how you can get it! There is a discount for those who subscribe to Fletch's site/ muisc blog . That will also bring you some surprise treats too.  Peek here and subscribe (it is FREE to subscribe)

You can also connect with him on Facebook here and here on Twitter

January sees Alan off to Iceland (the country not the supermarket! ) to play a gig on the 9th!  Who wants an excuse to go visit Iceland and see  the good 'doc' too ?  You have it now!

Marilyn Michaels
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  1. Marilyn I caught your cheeky litttle interview with Alan , the pair of you had me laughing I would really love to hear it again, will it be repeated? I enjoy listening to all your interviews your one with Hazel Oconnor was really very funny and warm all at once. Keep doing what you do! Love Anna xox