Saturday, 26 April 2014

2 for 1 Post - Meet Marilyn Michaels & What I'm listening to and watching today

Not quite your typical back to front Wet T-Shirt Competition
but busy RadioGirls tackle laundry & showering at once  ;-) 

Hi, well you made it this far so welcome to my  RGP blog.  I started this because whilst I work  (Presenter/Producer) at Classic Rock Radio  ( our station blog is also here)   I also guest present/produce features at other stations such as Radio Deeside (Wales)  and have various interests and passions aside from my beloved rock that I like to do radio features and articles on.

Hence  this 'RadioGirlProductions' blog  was born so that I can cover a wide variety of content.

I also write the occasional travel article when the opportunity arises to attend travel media jaunts and plenty on world issues, animal rights & vegetarian lifestyle. When insomnia bites I churn out lyrics.

I was originally an actress & singer , did a bit of film and theatre, a few TV bits and even the occasional bit of modelling. (well they had to base Shrek on someone  right??!! ) then fell into the wonderful world of voiceovers & radio.

 In this industry it's helpful to be an all-rounder but as far as I know I am still the only person to have done both aerobics  and tap-danced, live on air  on the station roof (which was eagerly caught on film by a crew  so no doubt it will come back to haunt me one day!)

So what have I been listening to  today......


                                             Michael Hutchence - always missed - never forgotten

                          Jon Stevens  - great antipodean awesomeness  , great be it solo or in Noiseworks - check out his fabulous 'supergroup' The Dead Daisies
                                          The Dead Daisies : 'Lock n Load' (ft Slash)

                      the rather brilliant Jeremy Redmore - this is his debut solo single 'Bad Philosophy' and I lurrrrve it, makes me feel good on every listen!

and finally.....

who could fail to fall in love with this infectiously catchy  track (no matter what time of year it is  or whatever religion you practice, or even if you don't ! 

Courtesy of  Neighbour's Dr  Kennedy aka Alan Fletcher  & the belle-icious Pacific Belles. 'If You Want A Happy Christmas' has  that feel good factor of nostalgia, , loveable cheesy sentimentality and humour all rolled  into one. Eagle-eyed Neighbours viewers will recognise a few faces in it. 'Fletch' recently revamped his website which you can check out here . to find out more about him, his work, music passions, and band Waiting Room - by the way  sign up to subscribe for perks & treats!

(c) Marilyn Michaels

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